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approx. 5 years old




English Setter Blue Belton


24 kg


Small to Medium

Country of Origin



Ana was rescued from a pound in terrible condition.  She was very ill and extremely skinny.  She was positive for Heartworm and is still being treated for this.  Ana has now gained weight and is closer to a normal Setter weight.  She has begun to trust again and has gained more confidence with people.

Health checks

Spayed – No, as was positive to Heartworm.
Positive to Corona, but successfully treated.
Positive to Heartworm and still on treatment.
Negative to Mediterranean diseases
Vaccinated against Rabies
Awaiting Titre Certificate

Temperament / Character 

Ana is a gentle, sweet, playful girl. She has become very attached to her rescuers and loves to eat from their hands. She loves to sing and does a lot of talking at the centre!
She gets on well with male and female dogs and lives in a mixed gender group of five dogs.

Preferred home

Her rescuers, Natasa and Anton, say that Ana should be rehomed in an active household. She could be rehomed with children as she has a gentle nature, but has not been tested with them, but she does not jump up or have high energy levels. She is not possessive of toys or food either. Ana does not like cats, but she is house trained. When walking Ana does not pull on the lead.Anyone who adopts Ana will be rewarded with the joy of a very loving little setterina.

Sometimes the long trip from Serbia can have an effect on the dogs, as they have left everything they know. This does not always happen, but it is good to be aware that it is a possibility. They need love, patience and kindness to restore them back to their normal selves should it happen, and it may take a little while before they are ready for cuddles. The trust has to build up first in some instances.

Ana will not be available until three months after the date of her titre test.  It will, therefore, be approximately February/March, 2022, before she will be able to travel to the U.K.

When adopting a dog from Europe it’s important to know about a common disease called Canine Leishmaniasis. Take a look through our dog health care section to find out more. We also include more details about the working Setter’s character & behaviour.
Find out more about the adoption process and the costs involved when it comes to adopting from Settusfree.

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