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Finding the perfect dog can be easy, but there is a lot to consider!

Setters are loyal, affectionate creatures with a non-aggressive nature and enjoy the company of people.

They have many attributes which make them highly effective hunting dogs and, not surprisingly, are used for that purpose throughout Europe.

Sadly, many are treated abysmally throughout their working lives and rewarded with abandonment or worse when they are no longer useful as a working tool. As a result, many of our rescues come with a certain amount of ‘baggage’ and need a lot of time, space and patience when it comes to settling into a new home.

Having said that, we have had very few re-homing failures since the inception of Settusfree and the vast majority of our rescues settle to become loving family pets as we take a lot of time and trouble to match dog to home and home to dog.

However, adopting one of our rescues needs careful consideration and should be thought through in detail. This is not just about getting a dog but saving a dog that may have had a miserable past.

If you are serious about adopting from Settusfree, take a look at further information about the adoption process, the costs involved and advice on dog care. 

Adoption Process

Adopting a rescue dog is not a quick or easy process, Settusfree are here to make the journey as smooth as possible

Adoption Costs

Settusfree is a not for profit organisation, with all adoptions there are costs involved in order for the process to happen 


Becoming a foster carer is a huge commitment and it takes a special kind of Setter lover to take on this role

Dog care & Health

Due to the living conditions of many of our rescue dogs they may carry certain diseases or health care needs which may need attention