Unfortunately the process of rescuing, preparing for adoption, and transporting a dog is not cheap, therefore we cannot ‘give dogs away’.

Those who adopt a Setter via Settusfree will be required to pay the cost of transporting their Setter to the UK, and also an adoption fee. Adoption fees are a contribution to the original rescuer of the Setter, and used towards neutering/spaying, blood tests to check for various diseases, routine and Rabies vaccinations, microchip, passport, and documentation for legal travel. This fee is normally paid directly to the rescue responsible for the Setter.

Transport costs are set by the transporter used, and are also normally paid direct to the company., except on occasions when Settusfree have to pay the transporter directly, and recoup from adopters.

In total these two payments can amount to approximately £350 to £500.

Settusfree will always try to keep the cost of transport down by subsidising the cost – whilst we have funds to do so – but will never compromise on the health, comfort, and welfare of the Setters whilst in transit in order  to save money.

It’s not comfortable speaking of the money side of it, but the bottom line is that we would be totally ineffective without the superb support, encouragement, and dare we say, love, of our membership.

We wish to point out that Settusfree makes no profit from homing Setters. All funds the charity receives, which are used to support Setters in their country of origin, are acquired by various fundraising activities and kind donations.