Settusfree consists of a group of like minded people who are dedicated to aiding and rescuing Setters throughout Europe. Most of these setters are abandoned and/or abused by the hunters. The volunteers who form the group are based throughout the UK.

Settusfree strives to help as many Setters in need as possible throughout Europe. This is done with the help of the loyal membership of ‘Settusfree Happy Tales’ on Facebook.

Setters, although relatively rare in the UK, are bred prolifically in Europe and used for hunting or breeding. Sadly, young dogs not able to hunt, old ones who are no longer fit and ones you can no longer breed are indiscriminately discarded ie dumped on the streets/woods or in local pounds or kill shelters despite in many cases being injured, sick, or elderly.

Settusfree collaborates with various rescue groups and individuals in several countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Serbia. All have extensive knowledge of the pounds and shelters, and have local contacts who will let them know when a Setter is in dire need or at risk of being destroyed.

Depending on available funds, Settusfree will donate to provide help and aid for any Setter in need who is brought to their attention. Settusfree’s work is totally dependent on kind donations from those who respond to appeals and support our various fundraising events. Settusfree are a non profit group, and have recently gained charitable status.